May 16-18 2014
Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson
Maryville, TN

June 20-22 2014
Harley Haven
Columbia, SC

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All of the American Legends Series are sanctioned events through the AMA. By being a part of AMA, we want to shows spirit to what the Legends Rally is about and to the motorcycling community without bias towards manufacturer. What better way to bring a community together than to center the AMA within this constellation? Now, Let's ride!

We all have aspirations and goals. We have something deep within us that drives us to reach those goals. There are many times that we must look past the pain, go beyond our comfort zones, and push towards those goals. Being human gives one that natural ability to be lazy or take the easy road, which is a poor excuse for living, but very true. One needs to be satisfied with the way they live their life, because in the end, regret shouldn’t be the last thing we think of.

The Legends Motorcycle Rally was created to allow for all types of motorcycle enthusiasts to participate. The Legends Rally is one of pure endurance. Riders have to use intelligence, whether they are routing themselves or utilizing a team to navigate. The stamina required for this event is in most of us. Simply being consistent is the biggest factor in completing and possibly being in competition for a win. Can you ride a motorcycle 1000 plus miles a day? Does the idea of seeing our beautiful country on two wheels inspire you? What about the opportunity to win cash and help charities to reach their goals of research, development, and housing children that are less fortunate?

OUR PHILOSOPHY is simple. Let’s grow and build the motorcycling community into a sport where all motorcyclists come together to challenge themselves and achieve personal goals that few will ever accomplish….. Damn few.

"This is for those who have been down range, to us, and to those like us, Damn few." -Act of Valor